Week One Post-Op

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And here we are, we made it through the first week – yay. Zeus is doing amazingly well all things considered. We are adapting and adjusting each day. First two nights were just so horrible that I am working on permanently deleting them from my mind. I know they are long gone from his mind. We have our first, officially scheduled, check up tomorrow. The incision looks great, so I expect praises 😉 he is learning how to efficiently move around and do things he used to do – like pee with his leg up, but he’s not quite there yet. He sometimes desperately tries to pull his left leg out of his shoulder socket as if it’s stuck in there, just so he can balance better. But then he just figures out a different way to do things and moves on while my heart breaks. I have a long road ahead of me and I have a lot to learn from him yet.

Exhibit A: Big Smile

On the day Zeus went into surgery I went for a bike (bicycle) ride and kept riding until I received a call from the surgeon telling me he made it and is doing well. That took 41.7km. Since then, I have gone out for at least a 20km ride each day. It helps me clear my mind and reset. I take the usual, and unusual, routes that Zeus and I used to walk and explore and it is amazing how distant they seem and almost out of reach for him now. I wonder, will he be able to go on long hikes, will he be able to navigate rocky sections, swim, run crazy with his leash in his mouth.
 In my hands, I hold “Be More Dog”. A new journey awaits.
UPDATE: Since I had issues logging in for a few days this was supposed to be a week one update. We are now on day 10 post-op. We had our check-up and everything was fine. The surgeon said he looked great. I insisted on a blood test because I noticed Zeus’s tongue colour is a bit dull with a purple hue to it. Also, his gums didn’t seem that pink. All tests came back “perfect”. We also got a call from the Oncologist yesterday – and I am not good with all the medical terminology but it was confirmed to be grade 2 osteosarcoma. Stitches come out on the 15th and we start chemo that same day.

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13 thoughts on “Week One Post-Op”

  1. Aww what a great smile on Zeus, we have had 2 vizlsa’s they are awesome dogs. He looks great I really think its harder on us then on the dogs!! keep your spirits up so you can be there for him!

    1. Thank you – definitely staying positive and upbeat. When I start feeling sorry for myself I go out for a ride on my own and get it out of my system.

    2. He looks great I have a tripod whippet front leg as well, it’s a very emotional thing to go through for us, God bless
      My girl was 10 at the time and it’s been a year. She acts completely fine with it all but “I” still get sad

      1. During the first week after finding out about his cancer, I could not get a sentence out without breaking down. I was sad non-stop. But I’ve come to realize that I am no good to him like that, or anyone else for that matter, so I decided only happy me is allowed near Zeus.
        So glad to hear your girl is one year in with many more to come!

    3. Our Rottweiler Major had same, front left leg amputated. Started chemo 2 weeks after. It was such a terrible first month but after we made it through that month he has increasingly gotten better! We are slotted for our 4th round in a few days and hoping this is the last one or maybe one more. So many prayers and healing vibes for your best pal. He will return to things you wouldn’t think he would, maybe not every single one but most of them!

      1. It is quite a challenging experience for sure and more so for us than for our pups. We are week one after our first chemo and he is doing well so far. I know we are at the beginning and have a long way to go but we are hopeful that he tolerates all the future ones as well as the first. He has been adapting to life on three legs and each day is an improvement. Sending Major hugs!! Love the name! 🙂

  2. That boy’s big smile says “WARRIOR!” all over it! I’m so glad recovery is going well and that his labs show him as perfect as ever. You are such a great advocate for him, and your pawsitivity and ways of handling recovery anxiety is a bonus that will help him fight this dastardly disease like the champ that he is.

    Thank you for sharing this great news. And if you ever have trouble logging in, please don’t hesitate to contact us OK? We are happy to help figure out the issues.

    Let us know how next week and Chemo #1 goes!

  3. Oh and I forgot to say: I too wondered the same things about how our Jerry would be able to enjoy all those trails and adventures we loved doing together. Although we had to greatly modify our distances and length of activities, he still had the ability to enjoy things he loved, in smaller doses, and that was all he needed to make his heart happy. I’m betting a new normal like this will be a similarly grand adventure for you and Zeus.

    1. Yes, I am expecting a big adjustment in distances and types of adventures but that’s okay. I am already planning and researching alternatives which will be just as good, if not better. As you said, as long as his heart is happy that’s all that matters.

  4. Zeus you look amazing!! Look at that smile!!
    Please keep us posted on the chemo, mine will be going in for hers in about 10 days.
    You’re doing great mom… smart cookie to go for a bike ride when you need to, you’ve inspired me to take a few “me” moments when that feeling hits

    1. I am a little anxious about chemo – hopefully he does not have many side effects from it. And yes, do it – “me” moments are crucial, as selfish as it sounds I find that it completely resets me. I get all my anger and frustration and fear and sadness out of my system for at least another day.

      1. Zeus looks like he is doing great. I know how stressful the amputation and chemo can be. I was beyond crazy worried during chemo that Arwen’s WBCs would drop dangerously low and she would catch something horrible, or that she would be nauseous for days. She actually didn’t have a single side effect throughout the entire chemotherapy process until her very last visit, when she vomited once the next day. That was it. She never missed a meal, or acted any different. I sincerely hope that is the experience for you guys, too. Best wishes, and stay positive!

        1. I’ve followed Arwen’s story from the beginning to your latest post. My husband is already planning a Halloween costume for him so when we saw yours…..lol awesome!! Loved it! We are now week one after first chemo and so far so good. No changes in his behaviour, appetite, wbc – all good – and I am keeping my hopes up that it will remain that way until we are done with chemo. Arwen is living her best life thanks to you guys and we hope to give the same to Zeus!! 🙂

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